{Cafe Rio}

Yes...that looks disgusting!

I am very disappointed in Cafe Rio right now. When I order a burrito, they ALWAYS mess it up. I didn't say sometimes; it is ALWAYS. For that reason I usually order the tostada. But sometimes I want leftovers for the next day, so I order a burrito. Last night I was feeling exhausted from all of my cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I decided to treat myself to Cafe Rio. I was in Springville running an errand so I decided to go to the Spanish Fork Cafe Rio. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. First of all, that is the SLOWEST Cafe Rio I have ever been to. Second of all, not only  did they mess up my order, but they refused to make me a new burrito. 

They made my burrito "enchilada style". I'm sorry to all of those who like your burrito that way, but I simply do not. I asked them to make me a new burrito since they had made it wrong. The girl acted totally bugged, but made the new burrito anyway. She threw the burrito together as fast as she could and it was a mess! This time she added cheese to the top (still NOT how I like it). I told her that I hadn't asked for cheese on the top and she said: "Oh, well we won't charge you for the cheese." (I don't care about the money. I care about getting my food the way I like it.) She hadn't asked me what kind of salsa I wanted so I asked her what kind of salsa she put in it. She said: "Oh, I didn't put any salsa in there. Was I supposed to?" I told her that it always comes with salsa. So she grabs a container and fills it with salsa. (Once again, she didn't ask what kind I wanted. But also, I want salsa inside my burrito.) I told her that I wanted the salsa inside the burrito and she told me that I could just dip it in this container. "Oh, and we won't charge you extra." Well, since you made my burrito wrong and then refused to fix it, you'd better not charge me extra. 

All I can say is that I will never go to that Cafe Rio again! 

Sorry...my rant is over now! I just had to get that out. 

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