Spring Break...

Well...Spring Break is coming to an end. Although I didn't go anywhere this year, I did have a wonderful break. Sleeping in, reading my book, and catching up on life has been wonderful! This picture below is what I looked like on Friday afternoon when school let out. I was out like trout! I love my job but I really, really needed the break.

I started my break by heading to Idaho. My nephew Kody was getting baptized on Saturday so the whole family spent some time in Idaho celebrating Kody's special day. It was so fun being with my family! It happened to also be Easter weekend, so that was fun to spend Easter with all those cute little kids. It was also Kayla's birthday so we had fun celebrating her. :) We also got to go see the temple that's being built while we were there. That was great!! We all headed home at different times. Since I was traveling with my parents, we decided to head home on Monday afternoon. We stopped in to see grandpa on our way back. It worked out perfectly that it was his birthday when we visited him. It was fun seeing him. I'm not sure he knew much of what we were saying, but he sure seemed happy to see us. I'm glad that we could brighten his day. :) My parents stayed at my house that night so that their drive wouldn't be quite as long. They got up and headed home the next morning. 

The rest of Spring Break was just as enjoyable. It was relaxing. I loved sleeping in! I re-read a book that is a favorite (and happened to be coming to theaters as a movie at the end of the week). I treated my self to lunch one day. I got to spend lots of time with my cute sister Kayla!! And my parents came back this weekend. Kayla was getting her bridals done so they came up for that. We got Kayla's beautiful bridals taken, spent time at a Bridal Show, and help Kayla/Ben register at Target for wedding gifts. What a great break! 

I am definitely feeling the Sunday Night Teacher Blues though. It is back to work in the morning. I'm excited to see the cute fifth graders. I'm not quite as excited to get up early. I'm grateful for this fabulous Spring Break! Now here's to a crazy last seven weeks of school! 

Enjoy your Sunday night, friends! 

Oh man do I love these kiddos! When I showed up in Idaho, they were fighting over my lap. "I want you, Mandi, I want you!" Talk about melting your heart! 

My little sidekick. :)

Baptism Boy!

Birthday Girl! 

Cookie Eating Contest...crazy boys!

I love my Hailey Girl!

Meridian Temple

All of us. :)

Grandpa "birthday boy"...doesn't he look great in that hat?

My cute hair after my haircut!

Seeing a really great movie!

At the bridal show...

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