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Amazing Parents...

These two cuties are my parents: They're still pretty cute today:

I am all that I am today because of these two! They have devoted their lives to raising their family and I am truly blessed for that. They have shown me what love and life are all about. They have shown me how to have fun. They have shown me how to enjoy life. They have shown me how to live the gospel every day. They truly are amazing people. I feel so blessed to be able to call them my parents. What a wonderful example they are to me! I hope to someday find that special person who can become a part of me the way that my parents have done to each other. I hope that I can raise a family and do as wonderful of a job as they have. They are my example. They are my happiness. I'm so grateful that I can call these goofy parents mine. I'll take them with all of their quirks! 

Happy Birthday Cole!

I love these two so much! Being an aunt is seriously my favorite thing in the world. I love all nine of those adorable children like they were my own! Last Christmas I was able to help plan sweet Miss Maliya's birthday since we were in St. George. She loves minnie so my mom and I decided on a Minnie Mouse theme!! It was seriously so fun. I loved every minute of it. Well...when we were done, Cole came up to me, in all seriousness, with something very important to tell me. He told me that his birthday is in April and he'd like a Mickey Mouse party, just like Maliya's party. He told me to be sure I got him some ears just like hers too. Since I couldn't be there for his birthday, I sent him a "party in a box" of sorts. I thought that maybe he and Maliya could have a little party together. I made sure that there were mickey ears in that box. I also put some games and a few other things in the box. Here are these two cuties in their mouse ears!! Aren't they ad…

Worn Out...

You guys! I am totally worn out. This has been one heck of a year! It has seriously been the most exhausting year of my life. It is a good exhausted but boy do I need a break!! I'm worn out to the point that I couldn't make it through church today. I came home and took a nap. When I woke up, I couldn't even pull myself out of bed. That's how worn out I am! If I can make it through the next four weeks, then I will have a little bit of a break. It will be nice to have a bit of a break to get caught up on all the sleep I've lost this year and to simply have a little time to relax. Friends, life is wonderful yet exhausting! Happy Sunday! Here's to making it through an amazingly busy month...

My testimony...

This afternoon at church I attended a beautiful Relief Society meeting. The lesson was all about how we gained a testimony and where it all started for us. The girl giving the lesson started by asking us to ponder the question above. She asked us to think about when we first knew the church was true: What question did you have on your mind?, What did you want to know?, What were you pondering?, etc. 
It really got me thinking about my own personal conversion. My conversion is different than that of some others. But I feel that my conversion started at birth when I was born into such a great family. I was raised by parents who are very strong in the gospel. They love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Not only do they love it, but they live it! Growing up in the family that I did, I never had any doubts. I always knew the church was true. I never had any questions or wondered if the church was true. I just always knew that it was. 
With that being said, I do remember the…

Best School On The Planet!!

I am so grateful for the place that I work. I truly feel that I work at the best school on the planet. I'm sure that there are teachers out there that feel that their school is the best school on the planet. But I truly feel (for me at least) that the school that I work at is the best school on the planet! Words can't even describe how truly wonderful working at this school has been for me. 
My boss supports me as a teacher and that is truly wonderful. Personally I feel that having the support  of my boss is really important. Without that support, my job is so much harder. I'm so glad that I found a school where I can feel that support. My boss is caring and understanding. She keeps teachers in the loop so that we know what's going on at our school. She checks in on us every morning to see that things are going okay. She shows her appreciation for each and every teacher through flowers, notes, treats, and a simple "thank you". I am truly grateful to have her…

Girls Day Out!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the day with a few friends: Trudi, Corinne, and Natalie. Although I've known Natalie ever since I was a child, all three of these girls were in my singles ward in St. George. We started the day at the Payson Temple Open House. Natalie didn't join us for this part of the day since she had some family things going on. The temple was just beautiful and I was so glad for the opportunity to attend the Open House. It was interesting to me that although the temple has not yet been dedicated, it still has the special feeling. The spirit is still so incredible when inside that temple. It is a beautiful place with a beautiful feeling. I wasn't sure I'd make it to the Open House, so I was excited when these girls called and invited me to come with them. :) I'm so grateful for the temple. It is such a beautiful place where I know that I can always feel peace and guidance. Words can not even begin to describe what the temple is for me!