Amazing Parents...

These two cuties are my parents:
They're still pretty cute today:

I am all that I am today because of these two! They have devoted their lives to raising their family and I am truly blessed for that. They have shown me what love and life are all about. They have shown me how to have fun. They have shown me how to enjoy life. They have shown me how to live the gospel every day. They truly are amazing people. I feel so blessed to be able to call them my parents. What a wonderful example they are to me! I hope to someday find that special person who can become a part of me the way that my parents have done to each other. I hope that I can raise a family and do as wonderful of a job as they have. They are my example. They are my happiness. I'm so grateful that I can call these goofy parents mine. I'll take them with all of their quirks! 

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