Best School On The Planet!!

I am so grateful for the place that I work. I truly feel that I work at the best school on the planet. I'm sure that there are teachers out there that feel that their school is the best school on the planet. But I truly feel (for me at least) that the school that I work at is the best school on the planet! Words can't even describe how truly wonderful working at this school has been for me. 

My boss supports me as a teacher and that is truly wonderful. Personally I feel that having the support  of my boss is really important. Without that support, my job is so much harder. I'm so glad that I found a school where I can feel that support. My boss is caring and understanding. She keeps teachers in the loop so that we know what's going on at our school. She checks in on us every morning to see that things are going okay. She shows her appreciation for each and every teacher through flowers, notes, treats, and a simple "thank you". I am truly grateful to have her as my boss!! I'm not sure that some of the teachers at my school realize how good we have it. We are truly blessed!! (I've been on the other side and I can truly say that having the support of my boss makes a big difference in my life.)

I also love the team of teachers that I work with. I love all of the teachers at my school. Every one of them is wonderful as a teacher and as a person. I have made some wonderful friends in the almost ten months that I've worked at this school. 

But I truly love the fifth grade team that I work closely with on a daily basis. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and are the perfect blend. Where one is strong another might need a little extra help. We are able to help each other out and we just mesh really well. I'm very grateful for these three wonderful ladies who I call my team. 

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