Girls Day Out!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the day with a few friends: Trudi, Corinne, and Natalie. Although I've known Natalie ever since I was a child, all three of these girls were in my singles ward in St. George. We started the day at the Payson Temple Open House. Natalie didn't join us for this part of the day since she had some family things going on. The temple was just beautiful and I was so glad for the opportunity to attend the Open House. It was interesting to me that although the temple has not yet been dedicated, it still has the special feeling. The spirit is still so incredible when inside that temple. It is a beautiful place with a beautiful feeling. I wasn't sure I'd make it to the Open House, so I was excited when these girls called and invited me to come with them. :) I'm so grateful for the temple. It is such a beautiful place where I know that I can always feel peace and guidance. Words can not even begin to describe what the temple is for me! 

After the temple, we went to Hobby Lobby and helped Corinne decide on some re-decorating for her house. I love that store! We were there for quite awhile as we sorted through ideas and tried to help Corinne figure it all out. I'm not sure how much help I was. But it was fun either way. Then we met up with Natalie and went out for a yummy lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Trudy was raving about this Mango Key Lime Cheesecake. I wasn't sure I'd like it because I'm not a big Key Lime lover. She bought a slice for us all to share and I have to say that it was amazingly delicious!! YUM!!! After lunch we moved on to Thanksgiving Point. We went to the beautiful Tulip Festival. Wow! Stunning! I seriously couldn't stop taking pictures. (If you know me very well, you shouldn't be too surprised by that.) I was super sad when my phone ran out of memory and I had to stop taking pictures. It's my own fault for having far too many pictures on my phone right now. But I haven't had the proper time to go through them. But I did get plenty of beautiful pictures so I'll live lol. There were so many beautiful flowers of so many different colors that I really couldn't handle myself. My favorites were the pinks/melons. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows me!! I think I found myself a new tradition...attend the Tulip Festival every year!! It was a glorious day! 

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