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{String Art}

It's been quite awhile since I posted a craft project on here. But I did a craft with my sister and thought I'd share. 
My sister and I decided that it would be fun to attempt a string art project. So of course we asked Pinterest for help. The above picture is what I decided I would attempt. It's super cute and I didn't think it would be too hard. My sister decided to attempt Batman for her little boy's room. We were both excited about our projects! We headed to the store to collect our supplies, so we could get started.
The string was not only pricey but difficult to find the colors I wanted. At almost $3 each I knew I couldn't buy the seven colors I had planned on using. So I settled on the above colors (I will have enough to last a very LONG TIME. I better find some more string art projects involving those particular colors! 
First I found an image on google. I printed it out and traced it onto my board. (Sorry I didn't take a picture of that step) Then…

{5th grade ladies}

This year has been a great year! I got a job at Freedom Preparatory Academy teaching fifth grade with these fine ladies. I didn't know any of them before hand, so I really didn't know what I was going to get. Vanessa (sitting next to me) was also new to Freedom Prep this  year. Jessica (in the glasses) had worked there for awhile and Katy had worked there for one year prior to this last year. This ladies have made it a wonderful school year. Everyone brings their strengths to the team. Jessica and Katy have done a great job of showing the ropes to Vanessa and I this year. I don't know what I would've done without them. I love my team. It's not that easy to find a team that works so well together, but for us it works. We work so well together and have a great time doing it! And lucky for us, this is the first year in awhile that the fifth grade team is staying in tact. We are all staying together in fifth grade. Yay for another year! After school got out, we had to…

A Season of "Firsts"

Meet my roommate Heidi. Anne should be pictured here as well but I don't have any pictures of her yet. In the month that I've lived with these girls I've experienced a ton of firsts! Who knew that moving to Provo, UT of all places would be the place to have all of these new experiences. I've tried Indian food for the first time. I've also had authentic Korean food. I've started watching Korean dramas. I watched Star Wars for the first time in my life. The list continues... 
It's been quite the month for me. I have a feeling that living with these girls will continue to bring lots of "firsts" into my life. I love these girls and the fun times that we have as roommates. And living with them has forced me to try new things. If you know me at all, you know that I love sticking to what I know. I'm not good with trying new things or with change. So to some this might not sound like a big deal. But for me this is HUGE! I can't wait to see what o…

Green Door anyone??

When I decided to move into this house, I was so excited about the red door. I've always loved red doors. This is seriously the cutest little house!! A few weeks after moving in, my landlord decided it was time to change things up. So some painters showed up with GREEN PAINT! I told them that I didn't want a green door but they didn't care. So they proceeded to paint my door green. My roommates and I sat in the living room in sadness as we watched the door change from red to green. All three of us were extremely disappointed to be losing our red door. I guess life will go on... But for now I will be in the corner sulking over losing my red door. :(