{String Art}

It's been quite awhile since I posted a craft project on here. But I did a craft with my sister and thought I'd share. 

My sister and I decided that it would be fun to attempt a string art project. So of course we asked Pinterest for help. The above picture is what I decided I would attempt. It's super cute and I didn't think it would be too hard. My sister decided to attempt Batman for her little boy's room. We were both excited about our projects! We headed to the store to collect our supplies, so we could get started.

The string was not only pricey but difficult to find the colors I wanted. At almost $3 each I knew I couldn't buy the seven colors I had planned on using. So I settled on the above colors (I will have enough to last a very LONG TIME. I better find some more string art projects involving those particular colors! 

First I found an image on google. I printed it out and traced it onto my board. (Sorry I didn't take a picture of that step) Then I started nailing. I didn't really know how far apart to place my nails so I just started working. They are definitely not evenly spaced but it's not too bad for my first attempt.

My sister decided to just tape her paper straight on the board and she thought that worked well. So either way works, just depends on your preference.

Here is a look at my project post-nails, pre-string. As you can see, I was pretty inconsistent with my nails. Maybe I should measure next time?

When you start stringing, I noticed the sample project that I had looked it had started by stringing around the objects. As we looked closer on Pinterest, we found that some had done that and some had not. I chose to do that, and my sister chose not to do that. They both look good. They just have a different look to them. It all depends on what you like. I started by tying a knot around my first nail. Then I strung around the object once. Next I started weaving. I might have actually gone around the object a few times for a better look, but it works. 

Here is my finished project. When shopping, it was hard to find string colors of the same thickness that I liked. I would've liked it all to be the thickness of the white (size 10). But my colors are much thicker (size 3). I love the cloud, and the raindrops are starting to grow on me! (The thicker string really bugs me)

Here's my sister's cute Batman. Doesn't it look great?

If you're going to do some string art, here are some tips that I thought of along the way:
(I had a hard time finding tutorials on Pinterest. They mostly just had pictures. So I went in blindly.)

  • Buy nails with a thick head. We thought we wanted nails with a small head so they wouldn't show. It is really hard to keep the string on the tiny head of the nail.
  • Buy thinner string. I like size 10 best.
  • Using a small hammer would be a good choice (if you have one). It was difficult using the big hammer with such tiny nails.
  • Use thicker wood than we did. Our wood was maybe an inch wide? We had to buy really short nails. It was really hard to hold the tiny nails in place while hammering
  • If using thicker wood, you could buy longer nails. I think that would make the project much easier.
  • I would probably also buy sturdier nails. I felt like my nails were pretty flimsy which also made this a little bit trickier.
  • I would advise having short fingernails during this project. That is just a matter of preference I realize. But my fingernails kept getting in the way. Between trying to grip the tiny nails, getting the string in the right place, and tying the knots at the end...I was really wishing my nails were shorter.
  • Be warned: It's difficult to tie the knots at the end. If you're doing a project like mine where you have several different pieces, you will be tying several knots. In order to keep the string in place, I tied a knot at the beginning and then another one at the end. The knots at the end were really hard because there were so many things in the way. I would suggest leaving yourself enough string at the end to much this a little easier. It will still be difficult but hopefully you're more patient than I am. :) 
  • Also, be sure to wrap the string around each nail. When I got to each nail, I wrapped the string around it before heading to the next nail. It stays in place a lot better that way. There's still some movement (because of the small heads that I chose), but it definitely helps. 
  • You can string all the way around your object before starting. Or you can just start weaving. It depends on your preference. I personally like it wrapped around the object first. But I might try the other way just to see what I think. 
Let me know if you have any questions or tips to share. Thanks for reading!!

I think this is my next one...I think it is adorable!!!

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