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{Gym Classes}

I've recently discovered the joy of going to classes at the gym. I've also spent a lot of time either on the track or the exercise bike. But I recently discovered that going to class is so much better than all of that. I am highly motivated and keep pushing myself harder when I'm in an exercise class. It is truly fabulous and I feel incredible when I'm done! 
My most favorite is yoga. I'm not very good at it because I've never done strength training in my life. I've always been more of a cardio girl, so yoga has been a rough go. But from day one I knew I loved yoga. For that reason I keep going back. Each time I go I feel by body getting a little stronger. The best part is that at the end of the class, during the relaxation, she rubs oils on our neck and temples. I leave that class feeling amazing!! {After going just a few times I had to go buy myself a cute mat. Those mats at the gym are gross!! Ew!!}
I've also started going to Piyo, which is a combo …

{Birthday Girl}

I had a birthday this week. Most people, as they get older, try to avoid birthdays. Yes, I feel old. But I have always loved birthdays, and will continue to love birthdays. One day a year, I get to feel special. I get to feel like the day is all about me. So yes, I will continue to celebrate my birthday with pride and joy. This year I got up and went to work bright and early. Right off the bat I lost my phone. Not a way to start your birthday. Luckily, it didn't take long to find it. Then there were celebrations all day. A birthday banner on my door. A yummy treat from the office (one that I seriously need the recipe for). Kids saying "happy birthday" to me all day. The entire fifth grade singing "happy birthday" as I was picking up my class in the morning. Hearing my math class waiting out in the hall for me to invite them in the room saying (shouting): "Okay. As soon as you go in the room, start singing." My roommates taking me to dinner. Riding th…

{Feelin Great in 8!}

Where do I begin? I've felt fat for a long time now. I've tried losing weight several times and it just hasn't worked. I'll go without for a few weeks and I feel like I'm doing pretty well. Then I just snap and binge on all of the foods that I had previously cut out of my diet. And every time I got super discouraged with my weight. Why must I love food so darn much?? 
A few months ago my sister Megan told me about a "getting healthy" challenge that her friend Nicole was starting. I thought that maybe this was just the thing I needed so I decided to go for it. My mom joined the challenge as well. We were put on teams and each week we reported as a team. I was highly motivated by being a part of a team. I didn't want to let my team (or myself) down. I kept working hard throughout the eight week challenge. To my surprise, the weight kept coming off. Some weeks were slower than others but I lost weight every week. 
The way that the challenge worked was t…