{Feelin Great in 8!}

Where do I begin? I've felt fat for a long time now. I've tried losing weight several times and it just hasn't worked. I'll go without for a few weeks and I feel like I'm doing pretty well. Then I just snap and binge on all of the foods that I had previously cut out of my diet. And every time I got super discouraged with my weight. Why must I love food so darn much?? 

A few months ago my sister Megan told me about a "getting healthy" challenge that her friend Nicole was starting. I thought that maybe this was just the thing I needed so I decided to go for it. My mom joined the challenge as well. We were put on teams and each week we reported as a team. I was highly motivated by being a part of a team. I didn't want to let my team (or myself) down. I kept working hard throughout the eight week challenge. To my surprise, the weight kept coming off. Some weeks were slower than others but I lost weight every week. 

The way that the challenge worked was that we earned positive points for doing things that were good for us and we earned negative points for doing things that were bad for us. At the end of the week we added up our points and reported to our team captain. Our team captain reported to Nicole and she let us know how each team ranked against each other. It was motivating to see our team at the top every week!! 

The best part about the challenge is that it was just "eating healthy food".  It was a lot of things. It was getting to bed at a decent time. Reading my scriptures each day. Drinking proper amounts of water. Eating plenty of fruits/vegetables each day. Eating only wheat products; no white. Exercising six days per week. Cutting out sweets/treats/desserts. And each week there were "calendar items". These included things like go to the park with family/friends, clean the washer/dryer, etc. There were seven of these items each week, and completing these items could help you earn extra points towards your weekly points. 

There were also two food freebies each week, which was up to you whether or not you were going to use. I think having those two freebies each week helped me get through the challenge. I still felt like I could eat what I wanted on small occasions. Some weeks I chose not to take the freebies. Other weeks they were gone by Monday night. I think just knowing that they were there helped me feel like I could get through it. It made the challenge someone feel less restrictive. That's kinda funny though because I cut out foods that I've never cut out in my life. It's all about perspective haha!! 

At the beginning of the challenge we stepped on the scale and weighed ourselves. We also took a measuring tape and took measurements on several different parts of our body. I'm so grateful for that because that really helped me to see what I was losing. I ended up losing 18 pounds and 20 inches from my body. I feel that I have a long ways to go so I will continue to do the things that I've been doing for the last eight weeks. I'm grateful for the kickstart to get motivated!! 

I want to thank my sister Megan for inviting me to be a part of this challenge. She may not know this, but I find her to be very inspiring. She's been working hard to lose weight for awhile (all while dealing with a hurt knee). Before this challenge, all of my sisters would text each other weekly to tell each other how we were doing on our fitness goals. I honestly was not doing well with that. Every week I would set goals and every week I would NOT reach those goals. Megan was faithful with her goals and truly inspiring. She's a big part of why I joined this eight week challenge. Thanks for believing in me Megan. You rock, girl! I hope your knee decides to start cooperating soon. Thank you Megan, mom, and my two other team members for keeping me motivated and inspired throughout this challenge!!! 

I'm Feelin' Great In 8! And I'm going to keep on going...

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