Las Vegas Singles Conference

Over President's Day weekend my friends Rachel, Janee, and I headed down to a singles conference held in Las Vegas. The description on the website made it sound really promising. "Best conference in the world for Mid-singles." Definitely not true! I ran into my aunt at the conference. Everyone there was pretty much her age. They all had gray hair and were older than my dad. Not exactly what I was hoping for. I had a fun weekend with my friends, but not because of the singles conference. I had fun because I was with two of my good friends. I'm so glad that they were there with me! Such fun ladies! I guess it was worth a shot lol...

Photo Booth...

I snuck away to see my sister and her family for a bit. I had lots of fun hanging out with them! 

Ran into Aunt Sue and Cousin Carrie at the conference! (Ignore my crazy hair from the rain)

I did run into an old roommate. That was fun! It was kinda funny actually. A group of girls walked in late and came and sat in some empty chairs by me. The one who sat next to me said: "I hope you're okay rubbing shoulders with me. These chairs are really close together." I instantly recognized the voice and turned to her and told her I'd rub shoulders with her anytime. I was fun running into her. 

The weekend wasn't a total dud. But it definitely wasn't what we had hoped it would be. I guess we won't be going back to that conference....

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