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{Girls' Trip}

My bestie Janee and I took a girls trip last week and we had so much fun! It was an epic trip surrounded by one adventure after another! It was my spring break and I've never been to Seattle. Janee's brother lives in Seattle so we thought it'd be fun to go visit while we have a place to stay. Our trip started out by having to postpone by a few days due to many little mishaps. Janee's brother swooped in and saved the day and our road trip turned into a plane ride. Still a road trip, just a shorter one. Instead of driving the fourteen hours to get to Washington, we drove five hours to Vegas and then flew the rest of the way. It was still an adventure, even though we weren't road-tripping it. 
Day 1 involved driving like mad to make it to Las Vegas after handling multiple crisis (me waking up sick, Janee's sister cracking her phone, re-packing to accommodate the airline guidelines, Janee having to meet some work deadlines, etc.) The whole drive there I was textin…