{Girls' Trip}

My bestie Janee and I took a girls trip last week and we had so much fun! It was an epic trip surrounded by one adventure after another! It was my spring break and I've never been to Seattle. Janee's brother lives in Seattle so we thought it'd be fun to go visit while we have a place to stay. Our trip started out by having to postpone by a few days due to many little mishaps. Janee's brother swooped in and saved the day and our road trip turned into a plane ride. Still a road trip, just a shorter one. Instead of driving the fourteen hours to get to Washington, we drove five hours to Vegas and then flew the rest of the way. It was still an adventure, even though we weren't road-tripping it. 

Day 1 involved driving like mad to make it to Las Vegas after handling multiple crisis (me waking up sick, Janee's sister cracking her phone, re-packing to accommodate the airline guidelines, Janee having to meet some work deadlines, etc.) The whole drive there I was texting/emailing/calling Janee's clients so she could make the drive. We got caught in an absolutely awful rainstorm so we ended up stopping in St. George for the night. The next morning we got up really early in order to make it to Vegas on time to make our flight. On the way there,  we realized that we hadn't eaten anything. We pulled the pears and the water bottles out of the back. I rolled down my window and washed the pears with the water bottles. We ate our pears and then did not eat again for another 12 hours. The second we pulled into Vegas we jumped into Quinn's car so he could take us to the airport. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we discovered that we couldn't actually take a carry-on free of charge. This was disappointing and super frustrating! We ended up checking our bags because it was less expensive that way. Then we went up to the gate and Janee frantically worked while we waited to board our plane. While on the plane, I enjoyed reading of some of Janee's books while she worked on some of her book research. As soon as we arrived, we waited for our luggage for ALMOST AN HOUR! We almost were going to just leave our stuff at the airport. We finally got our luggage and were able to find Janee's brother Curt. He got us a rental car and we were able to feed our hungry bellies. 

On Day 3 we discovered that it rains A LOT in Seattle! I mean everyone tells you that Washington is the rainy state, but oh my! It never stops!!! We were able to do some research for some of Janee's books and we discovered a nice walking trail along the water. We ended up walking 3.5 miles. Go us! We ended up knocking out the power in both of our rooms that night so we ended up bunking up to stay warm. I discovered that you don't touch Janee's blankets...EVER! She gets violent. :0

 On Day 4, we decided to beat the weather and drive the Oregon coast. We slept in a bit in order to avoid the morning traffic. It was a nice drive along the coast, even if it was RAINY. Yes, it was super rainy again! We got lost A LOT...mostly my fault. Despite getting lost a lot we still managed to find GOONY ROCK! We almost decided not to drive to the coast, but somehow (how could that possibly have happened??) Janee got the idea in her head that I've never been to the coast before. When we got there it was raining REALLY HARD! We decided to get out just long enough to walk over to Goony Rock. We were sporting our dog & cat umbrellas, which we received lots of compliments on haha! As we were walking the beach, Janee told me that I had to take off my shoes so my toes could touch the sand. I told her that she was crazy and that I refused to do that in the rain. Through continued conversation we discovered that she thought I'd never been to the coast ever before. I had to clarify that I just hadn't been to the Oregon coast. She may have been a little upset that I wasn't more clear, but we still had fun. We got us some food, did more exploring, and made a day of it. We had a dinner reservation at the space needle, so we headed to Seattle. We crossed a few bridges along the way that we didn't remember crossing that morning. We weren't sure how we could possibly have not noticed crossing over bridges. How is that even possible?? We were afraid that we wouldn't make it on time for our reservation but we made it in just the nick of time. We even had a few minutes to spare.

Day 5 was a day of research. We drove around the city of Tacoma while researching places for books. We even came up with a book series that we want to write! And to top the day off, we found some literary agents to submit one of her books to. Such exciting stuff! Janee was able to find a literary agent that she liked and get her book submitted. Woohoo!!! Happy Dance! We found a new trail by the water today. We took a nice long walk and got some really fun pictures. I got teased a lot...I was told it was all in love. She thinks she's funny!!! ;) 

We spent much of day 6 getting Janee's writing name out there on social media. We called, texted, messaged every one we knew asking them to follow Janee's writing pages on social media. We were quite successful, but we still have a long ways to go. We also shipped most of our clothes home on that day. We didn't want to pay a fortune to check bags at the airport. So we stuffed our items into a box and shipped them home for a quarter of the price. We were planning to drive to Canada next day. While hanging with Janee's brother Curt, his wife Anna called and said we needed to leave that night. We frantically packed our bags so we'd be ready to leave as soon as Anna got home. We drove as close to the boarder as we could get and found a place to bunk for the night. 

We got up early the next morning and headed into Canada for the day. We thought about riding a ferry to Victoria, but we ended up staying the whole day in Vancouver. We had a really adventurous day. We spent a good portion of the day hiking through the rainforest at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. We had to hike over lots of bridges, which in all honesty, totally freaked me out! My stomach was in all kinds of knots. But the breath-taking views were totally worth it. We also spent time wandering through China town. We spent part of the day driving through Stanley Park. It was raining ALL DAY LONG so we didn't want to get out and walk much. We were already completely soaked from our adventures in the rainforest. At Stanley Park we saw some beautiful Totem Poles, which helped Janee with her research. Stanley Park was beautiful. 

On what was supposed to be the last day of our trip we just couldn't get out of bed. We were both so tired! It was an epic trip for sure. But we were exhausted by the end of it. We got up just in time to have something to eat, pack things up, and then head out the door. The flight home was jam-packed and super uncomfortable. We did make it back to Vegas, but not early enough to drive to Provo that night. We went back to Quinn's house that night. Janee's did some work while I frantically tried to find and get ready for an unplanned sub the next morning. Every sub on the list told me no and I ended up calling the school secretary for help when I got desperate. We went to bed for a few hours. Janee took part in a conference call the next morning and then we were out like the wind. We drove as fast as we could in order to make it home at a decent time. Traffic wasn't great but we survived it. We spent the whole drive working. I texted/phoned/emailed clients for her all day long. Once again, it was an adventurous day. The first thing that we did when we pulled into town was take showers. We needed it! We unapacked her car and ate dinner. Then Janee went to a late work meeting and I headed home and spent the night doing laundry and unpacking. 



We ate a lot of REALLY GOOD food...

We found these cookies at this cute little market. Cookies to die for! So soft and gooey that you have to eat it with a fork.

We took lots of walks along the water. It was seriously so amazing. I think our walks might have been my favorite part of our trip

Goony Rock was fun...even if it was raining super hard!!!

We ate at the top of the Space Needle. What a cool experience! The top of the needle rotates. So as we ate, we rotated around the city. That was so much fun! We were on a budget so we shared a meal. It was a yummy meal. Tried cornish hen for the first time. Honestly, it tasted like chicken. But it was yummy. And our dessert was really cool. 

View from the top of the needle... (sorry...not a great pic)

Look at that dessert! Wow! 

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park:

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